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Park City School District Green Team Leads the Way in Energy Efficiency Efforts

Green Team

As the world celebrates Earth Day today, we can all take inspiration from the students of Park City School District's Green Team, who are leading the way in sustainable practices. Recently, these students conducted a utility bill data collection from Park City School District as part of a kick-off for the Sustainable Action Committee's energy efficiency efforts.

The Green Team is made up of students who are passionate about the environment and committed to making a difference in their community. They have been working hard to find ways to reduce energy usage and promote sustainability in their school district. The utility bill data collection was a critical first step in this effort.

According to Shelby Cornett, PCSD Sustainability Coordinator, the data collected by the Green Team will be used to identify areas where energy usage can be reduced and to develop a plan for energy efficiency. This plan will be presented to the Sustainable Action Committee.

The SAC was formed at the request of the Park City School District Green Team, comprised of high school, junior high, and middle school students. The committee's purpose is to provide support and guidance to the Green Team, helping them communicate with experts and community members who can help support their initiatives.

Cornett commented on the students' dedication to making real changes and helping the district move forward with greener times, saving money, and securing a sustainable future. She described the Green Team as a small but mighty group, making real progress toward sustainability within the district.

“I'm constantly amazed by them,” said Cornett. “It is encouraging for me to see that the youth in our community is so excited and taking ownership, and I think they should be really proud of what they are accomplishing.”

Park City High School Junior Montana Burack, is one the students leading the charge for the Green Team. 

"I am so proud of our team's work that helped bring about the district's resolution to be 100% renewable energy,” said Burack. 

The Green Team meets twice a month to focus on actionable initiatives that can be implemented across all schools in the district. Their efforts have ranged from composting programs to special events like the battery drive and pumpkin composting. The energy efficiency project was a particularly significant undertaking for the team, requiring extensive data collection and analysis.

The success of the Green Team's efforts has been made possible through the support from community partners Lin Alder and Jason Grooms from McKinstry who are both members of the Green Team and Sustainability Action Committee. Additionally, the financial department at Park City School District helped support the students requests. 

“Without support from our community partners and the district, the students would not be able to achieve their goals,” said Cornett. “The team's efforts have not only contributed to a more sustainable district but have also provided valuable learning opportunities for the students involved. It is inspiring to see young people taking such a proactive role in finding solutions to support their community with green initiatives.” 

As we celebrate Earth Day, let us take inspiration from the Park City School District's Green Team and their commitment to sustainability. Let us all do our part to protect our planet and promote a sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference.

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