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Treasure Mountain Junior High Students design skis for Three-time Olympian

Treasure Mountain Junior High Students design skis for Three-time Olympian


PARK CITY, UT– Treasure Mountain Junior High School students had the opportunity to develop and design the topsheet of skis for a three-time Olympian. 


Second-year teacher Ms.Chartier had the idea to partner with the 2014 Women's Slopestyle Silver medalist, Devin Logan, to challenge TMJH art students to design the topsheet for a pair of skis.


"I've had many skis in my lifetime and have seen many different graphics topsheets, collaborations with different artists, and they're all so unique and cool and tie back to something that's meaningful to both the brand and the artists," said Logan. "I'm excited to be doing this project with you guys and to pick the winner."


Ms. Chartier teaches Digital Media, Art Foundations, Photoshop, and 8th Grade Drawing; all four courses participated, with 170 ski designs submitted.


Instructional Coach Matt Nagel encouraged Chartier to take the project to a new level by inviting designer David Habban. 


With funding from a PCEF Express Grant, Mr. Habben spent two days in Ms. Chartier's classes. He shared his portfolio, discussed the design process and how to incorporate style into client-directed designs, and inspired future career opportunities for TMJH artists.


Ms. Chartier expressed some surprise about how quickly the project expanded and evolved; having Logan serve as a 'client' for the students added depth to the project. 


"I definitely had some new teacher nerves," said Chartier. "While winter sports are common for so many of our kids, some have little or no experience with skiing; designer David Habban taught students that direct experience is not a requirement for design."


One hundred student ski designs were narrowed to 35, then five finalists, with 9th grade Grace Gladson's colorful design of a fox and falling maple leaves receiving Logan's top praise.


“I was really surprised, because I don't know, I feel like there were other designs that I like more than mine,” said Gladson. 


Gladson added it was an exciting experience having the professional designer come into their class and talk about what it is like to create art for a living. 


“For over a year, I have kind of wanted to do art as a career,” said Gladson. “Now I’m seeing that it is possible to do this as a career.”


Gladson added that meeting an Olympic skier was also really cool. 


If the Park City connections continue to align, Grace's winning design may see actual production. So look for the maple leaves and the fox in the lift lines this winter* - and for the following designers who will credit their start with their experience in Ms. Chartier's class at Treasure Mountain Junior High with an instructional coach, a designer, and an Olympian.


*If you have the ability and interest to make Grace’s skis a reality, please contact Principal Caleb Fine