Updated COVID-19 Protocol for Spring 2021

Under the guidance of the Utah Department of Health, quarantines are no longer required for students and staff exposed to COVID-19 if they were wearing masks during the time of an exposure and if they do not develop any symptoms of COVID-19. While a 14-day quarantine is still the most effective way to prevent spread, this change is based on the evidence that face masks greatly reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. PCSD anticipates this will provide more opportunities for students and staff to participate in in-person learning without adding additional risk to the health and safety of students and staff.

Contact tracing within schools will continue in order to verify whether quarantine is necessary. Schools will also continue to notify staff and families of exposed students, even if they do not need to quarantine, and provide instructions on what they should do. If quarantine is not required, anyone who was exposed to the virus still needs to watch for symptoms until it has been 14 days since they were last exposed. It is important to keep checking for symptoms and take extra safety precautions. If someone who was exposed develops symptoms of COVID-19, they need to contact their healthcare provider and isolate immediately.

Note, students or staff who were not wearing a mask at the time of exposure or who were exposed to someone who was not wearing a mask may end quarantine: 

  • Without testing, 10 days after the last exposure if no symptoms are present
  • With a negative test result, 7 days after the last exposure if no symptoms are present (You must wait at least 7 days after the exposure to be tested). 

Thank you to staff, students and their families for their patience and adaptability during these ever-changing times. Though safety regulations continue to change as we learn more about COVID-19, our commitment to inspiring and supporting each student to reach their academic and social potential remains constant.  

For more detailed information on COVID-19 regulations, please visit our COVID-19 School Manual Summary.

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